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Commercial buildings range massively from one building to another and in addition to this the energy performance certificate is a lot more complex, and time consuming to create. As a result all commercial EPCs are quoted on an individual basis and delivered within the quickest possible time frame. We are able to do this by investing heavily in graphical interface software making the creation as swift as possible.

We aim to provide a cost effective solution and understand that CEPCs may need to be completed at short notice so as not to delay a sale or lease reassignment. As such commercial EPCs are treated with the attention that you demand.

We also understand that in some cases discretion is needed so as not to upset tenants or staff. Please rest assured we will not disclose what, why or any other information that you do not wish us to convey.

'Discreet and efficient makes us stand out from the competition'

Box Property Solutions are an energy analysis specialised company and have surveyed thousands of properties for numerous clients including housing associations, solicitors, estate agents, facility managers and even other energy companies!

We are clearly the best offering the best service, the best price and the best customer service with no hidden costs and free additional reports advice and access to government documents.

We aim to help you reduce your CO2 output, reduce your running costs and keep things as simple as possible.

So if you have a factory in Halifax, a hotel in Harrogate, a bar in Bradford or ANY property ANYWHERE be sure to make Box Property Solutions your energy consultant.

What Happens?

One of our assessors will visit the property and gather site notes that will then enable him to work out the energy efficiency of the building. This is very complex and requires a number of tasks to be carried out.
The assessor will need to know everything regarding the property including: The age, how it is heated, how it is cooled, what it is made of, which way it faces, the area and use of each part of the building and other such data. He will also draw a floor plan whilst there and take numerous photos.

The building is then zoned and the area of every wall, floor ceiling roof window and door are put into standard software that will then calculate the buildings efficiency.

For a swift low cost commercial EPC simply contact us or fill out the form below for a quote

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